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An HGTV viewer is typically a woman 35 years or older with a household income over $50k a year. The types of businesses that advertise on HGTV are home centers, hardware stores, health and beauty stores and furniture stores. HGTV viewers typically also watch History, A&E, and Discovery; advertising on these additional networks may be beneficial for your business to reach more of your target customers.

About HGTV

Viewers who want a fresh perspective on maximizing the "home" experience - from buying, selling and building to remodeling, decorating and landscaping -- need look no further than HGTV for a plethora of new series featuring the network’s popular stars. HGTV also will continue to provide pure voyeuristic fun with programs that feature fantasy, celebrity lifestyle and over-the-top home trends.


For more information on how to advertise your local business on HGTV, Click here to contact your local Cox Media representative.

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