Cox Media offers television advertising that is targeted, engaging and efficient for businesses of all sizes. In partnership with you, we craft messages that speak directly to your customers' desires and interests while building awareness of your product or service. More than ever before, advertisers can reach audiences with compelling messages by harnessing the power of television.

Cox Media Delivers Destination Programming

Put the most watched brands on television to work for you. From CNN to Bravo to HGTV, Cox Media will align your message with buzz-worthy programming that attracts your target customers and builds your brand. Use sight, sound and emotion to create an engaging experience for viewers.

Providing Pinpoint Message Delivery

Laser focus your message to a specific demographic, lifestyle interest and/or geography. Eliminate waste by reaching consumers that match with your business goals, location or other target criteria.

Use Television Advertising to Reach Your Business Goals

  • Provide information on your products and services
  • Promote special offers
  • Announce special events
  • Target messages to specific audiences
  • Increase exposure and brand awareness
  • Can be enhanced with cutting-edge, technology-based features that deepen the relationship with the consumer.