Political Advertising

Proven ways to harness cable TV... Compelling, long-format messaging to educate and inform viewers On Demand...Advanced technology allowing voters to interact with your commercial...The immediacy of Mobile Text advertising...And the engagement and interactivity of advertising online with one of the nation's leading broadband portals. Cox Media gives you a powerful combination to target, engage and interact with potential voters.


People are watching more television than ever. The viewership of ad-supported cable continues to surge, and as the audience grows, it is becoming an essential marketing medium. Cox Media can help you tap into the power of cable with insertion opportunities on an array of popular cable networks, enabling political and issue advertisers to pinpoint constituencies by demography - or geography. Spot cable's unique technologies can even help you reach specific geo-demographics at sub-DMA levels. When the right message gets to the right audience, campaigns maximize impact and reduce waste.