SpotXPress is a "tapeless" delivery system that allows you to upload your advertising spots online through our SpotXPress website, electronically delivering your content to Cox Media.

What are the benefits to you?

It's easy. All you need is an internet connection and a high-resolution digital version of your advertising spot.

At no cost to you, upload advertising content in just minutes. This removes the need for courier or mail service "special deliveries" - saving you money and time.

No More Tapes
Simply sign into SpotXPress and send your spots without ever leaving your work space. This green alternative eliminates the need for tapes and other types of physical media used to deliver your content, resulting in a positive impact on the environment.

Commitment to Quality
In addition to client convenience and operational and environmental efficiencies, this digital media management system ensures that your spots maintain optimal video quality and audio fidelity by avoiding the transfer to analog media.

Upload your spot or register and start using SpotXPress today.