Cox Media is represented nationally by NCC Media, the nation's largest and best resourced spot cable advertising sales representation firm. Cox Media, along with Comcast and Time Warner Cable own NCC and make up over 2/3 of its 70+ million represented households in every U.S. television market and virtually every cable operator.

With 17 offices based in the country's major media planning and buying hubs, NCC Media is key in providing national and regional advertisers a single resource to orchestrate spot cable ad schedules across dozens of targeted networks and multi-platform packages with today's advanced digital media products across multiple markets regardless of which cable company covers that market. Cox and NCC's partnership enhances reach and maximizes delivery to key consumer targets for each client campaign, executed with exceptional efficiency and ROI. For assistance with campaigns involving multiple markets and cable companies in addition to Cox Media please visit NCC's website to locate an office near you.