Journey to Purchase

When consumers begin the buying process, they have needs that can be met by many sellers. To help them decide where to take their business, consumers interact with a variety of media to gather more information. With Cox Media, you get a broader range of solutions from a single partner to capture the attention of your target audience as they move through each stage of the journey.

Awareness: Building Your Brand

The first step in the Journey is awareness -- casting a wide net to launch or build your product or service in the consumers' mind. A well-established brand makes your business more valuable and is a staple to any advertising campaign. Tools to build awareness include:

Television - commercials are the number one product for establishing a brand and captivating consumers.

Internet - generate immediate brand awareness, 24/7, with ads on

Engagement: Interacting with Your Target

Creating a two-way dialogue between you and your customer, inviting consumers into a deeper conversation is at the crux of engagement. Help them discover more about the benefits of your product or service as they move closer to purchase. Tools to create engagement include:

Internet - Use to drive consumers to your website where they can learn more.

Long-Form Video - Provide an in-depth look at your product or service in the comfort of a living room.

Express Link - Compel consumers to learn more about your business with a click of their remote.

Purchase: Compelling Customers to Act

The final step is driving to purchase. Reach consumers as they are out-and-about, ready to buy to complete their journey.

Internet - A "purchase now" message on will send consumers to purchase your product or service online.

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