Multi-Screen Solutions

Advancements in technology and changing consumer behavior provides advertisers a unique opportunity to reach their target consumers across multiple screens. Cox Media's multi-screen advertising solutions deliver a unified message across multiple mediums. Combine the targeted reach of cable television with the highly engaged audience of

A recent Nielsen study found that marketers benefit from this type of cross-platform exposure. As part of the research, a focus group of consumers were asked to look at a 15 second video ad. Some consumers did not see any video ads, while others saw the ad on various combinations of screens. When asked to recall the ad, there was a 17% increase in ad recollection by those who had seen the video on multiple screens as opposed to those who had only viewed it on one. According to Nielsen, "This research demonstrates the positive incremental value of multiple exposures across multiple platforms."

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Multi-Screen Solution Success With Cox Media

Cox Media has experience partnering with local businesses to advertise across multiple screens and deliver results. Check out these multi-screen advertising solution success stories.




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