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"The results that I've seen from my campaigns have been quite successful. Reaching out to the football crowd, I have a huge football base that comes in and eats in my stores... reaching out to the military crowd, that's one of my biggest groups of people to come in the door... ultimately the bottom line, it was the results I was looking for... more people in the door, mean more sales, more sales mean more profit."

Chris Semen, Helen Back Cafe

"Cox Media has helped us work through the challenges we faced by providing us with campaign options, a variety of different venues for advertising including their television, the online advertising and video on demand. The results that we got from it were that our Cox Media campaign primarily included a lot of feedback from people that I see in the community on a regular basis, telling me that they see our commercials. That tells me that my advertising dollars are put to use. They are dollars well spent."

Meghan Scranton, Scranton Motors