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Cooking Channel, from the creators of Food Network, is a brand dedicated to people with food as their passion. Cooking Channel has a point of view all its own, redefining and expanding what is "culinarily" possible. Exploring the food world through bold programming and captivating hosts, Cooking Channel continually astonishes its immersed viewers. Cooking Channel offers depth in food programming, covering unconventional how-to's, global cuisine, food trends, food history, health, hidden gems, and even some classic favorites.

Its distinct vision, original programming, and dynamic on-air personalities, resulted in impressive awareness and growth for a new network. Marketers continue to embrace Cooking Channel because of the strong brand awareness and engagement among an upscale and educated audience.

Network Launch Date(s):
May 2010

Estimated Network Viewers:
59,197,000 million (Oct 2012)

Programming Genre(s):
Entertainment (Original/Acquired), Home Improvements /How-To, Lifestyle, Reality/Real-Life, Family, Women, Men, Food/Cooking

Base Demographics:
Adults: 18+; Adults: 18-49; Adults: 25-54; Women: 18+; Women: 18-49; Women: 25-54; Men: 25-54; Men: 35-64; Men: 50+