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TBS is the network for smart, laugh-out-loud, relatable comedy. As the home for comedy lovers, TBS offers a very funny line-up including the original series, My Boys, The Bill Engvall Show, Tyler Perry's House of Payne and 10 Items or Less. These originals are built on TBS' comedy foundation of proven, contemporary hits including The Office, Family Guy and My Name is Earl. As the leader in comedy, TBS turns movies into branded events through exclusive hosted movie showcases, such as Movie & a Makeover, Dinner & a Movie, TBS Movie Extra and TBS Weekend Extra. Sports coverage on TBS includes Sunday MLB and MLB Postseason.

ProgrammIng Genres: Original Comedy Series, Acquired Comedy Series, Premiere Movies, Major League Baseball

Base Demographics: Adults: 18-34;Adults: 18-49; Adults: 25-54; Men: 18-34;Men: 18-49; Men: 25-54; Women: 18-34; Women: 18-49;Women: 25-54