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Available on-air, online and on-the-go, COMEDY CENTRAL ( is the #1 brand in comedy-the one and only network dishing it out 24/7. Powered by the biggest names and freshest talent, it?s guaranteed to be brutally honest, slightly absurd and always relevant. COMEDY CENTRAL engages a young adult audience eager to watch-and share-unexpected, up-to-the-minute originals like THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART, THE COLBERT REPORT, SOUTH PARK, TOSH.0, WORKAHOLICS, KEY & PEELE, BRICKLEBERRY and FUTURAMA as well as cutting-edge stand-up specials and can't-miss events like the annual COMEDY CENTRAL ROAST.


Network Launch Date(s):
April 1991

Estimated Network Viewers:
98.2 million (November 10/29/12-11/25/12)

Programming Genre(s):
Animation, Comedy (Original/Acquired), Entertainment (Original/Acquired), General Variety, Movies/Films, Women, Men,

Base Demographics:
Adults: 18-24; Adults: 18-34; Adults: 18-49; Men: 18-24; Men: 18-34; Men: 18-49