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Spike knows what guys like. The brand speaks to the bold, adventuresome side of men with action-packed entertainment including a mix of comedy, blockbuster movies, sports, innovative originals and live events. Popular shows like The Ultimate Fighter, DEA, Video Game Awards, TNA: iMPACT!, CSI: NY and movies guys live position Spike as the leader in entertainment for men. 

Programming Genres: Animation, Automotive, Award Ceremonies, Comedy, Drama (General), Entertainment, General Variety, How-To, Movies, Reality, Science Fiction, Sports: Extreme, Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts

Base Demographics: Men: 18-24; Men: 18-34; Men: 18-49; Men: 25-34; Men: 25-54; Men: 35-49; Persons: 18-24; Persons: 18-34; Persons: 18-49; Persons: 25-34; Persons: 35-49