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Your clients' success is what drives you.  It's the reason you put in long hours and scour today's complex media landscape looking for just the right solution to meet their business needs.  They are counting on you to help them cut through the clutter and stand out in a crowded market place.  


But who do you count on?


Consider Cox Media as your valued partner, bringing you fresh new insights, innovative solutions and integrated campaigns, all from one partner in one place, saving you time.  Time you can spend on your clients needs and deepening your relationship with them.

Why Cox Media

We bring solutions, not pitches, because we have exactly the same goal as you – your clients’ success. Cox Media works behind the scenes to create innovative ideas that help you capture, retain and grow key accounts. It's a level of partnership and strategy you won't find anywhere else.

Services for Agencies

With our product portfolio, you have access to more advertising platforms in one place, saving you time and money. Our extensive research library provides insights you can pass along to your clients, and digital reporting capabilities will help you more accurately evaluate the advertising buy's success. 

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Learn more about the role of online search in marketing. This ebook highlights the benefits of search and how to recommend a winning strategy to your clients.

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