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Tell your story beyond the 30-second commercial. Express Link showcases your long-form video content with a compelling, 24/7, on-air presence using a dedicated channel viewers can access with just a click of their cable remote. 



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It Starts with your Commercial

For many advertisers, 30 seconds is not long enough to showcase the unique qualities of their brand. For these businesses, Express Link is a perfect solution. During their 30-second commercial, advertisers invite viewers to tune to a channel dedicated to their product or service. With a targeted on-air buy as the foundation, spreading the word is easy.

Turn TV into a Two-Way Communication Device

Once viewers arrive at your dedicated channel, the interactvity begins. The creative possibilities within your long-form content on Express Link are endless. From entertaining and educational videos to business tours and employee interviews, advertisers can provide instant information and promote special offers to prospective customers in the comfort of their own homes. 

The Results Speak for Themselves

Detailed usage reports track viewer responses throughout your campaign. Use this information to narrow the scope of your content and provide even more insights on the topics and trends viewers interacted with eagerly. Knowing the preferences of consumers who interacted with your content is just one more way Express Link connects advertiers to their potential customers.

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