Cox Digital Ad Network Solutions

Cox Digital Ad Network Solutions reach your local audience wherever they may be on the web, across a network of tens of thousands of websites.

Target the valuable Cox high-speed Internet subscriber with 100% geo-targeting precision down to the ZIP + 4 level, or expand beyond the Cox footprint to reach the entire market area.  




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Target the Cox Subscriber

Our location matching technology gives 100% geo-targeting down to the ZIP + 4 level. It contextually targets your ads to the website content that resonates most with your customers by using a variety of content verticals. Leverage household demographics, like income, ethnicity and home ownership to target the right customers for your business. 

IP+ Solution

Go beyond the powerful Cox footprint to capture the entire market area. With Cox Digital Ad Network Solutions, your campaign will be delivered with more accuracy resulting in better overall results and less impression waste.

Complement Your Presence

When you combine the influential branding environment of with the superior targeting of Cox Digital Ad Network Solutions, you get an online marketing powerhouse that delivers a premium audience at a great value.

Product Overview

How to bring your online message to

life with Cox Digital Ad Network Solutions.

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