Research & Analytics

Cox Media uses the latest in local audience research and analytical tools to deliver your marketing message to anyone, anywhere on any screen. Through local qualitative market research on demographics, lifestyles, purchasing behavior, media usage and geography, we partner with you to discover the solutions that get your message out to the customers you want to reach. From TV ratings to competitive intelligence, Cox Media has
you covered.



Local and national viewing estimates from leading providers such as Nielsen and Rentrak help pinpoint the networks, dayparts and programs to best reach your target audience. And now, new insights into social behavior and trends give real-time information about the brands and programs that are trending with local TV audiences.

Digital Media Analytics

Beyond the TV screen, analytics from comScore, DoubleClick and Omniture can help you plan, monitor and optimize the results of your Digital Media advertising. Industry insights allow you to evaluate your competitors' plans and your share in the market. It's a full portfolio of research solutions you won't find with any other partner.

Local Insight

With access to hyper-local information through tools like mapping software we're able to analyze trade areas, map business locations, profile auto registration data and segment consumer expenditures down to the ZIP code level. It's must-know information our clients use to guide their advertising strategy.


Top Networks & Programs

Week after week, programming on cable television is the most watched and talked about content on television. Click here to see last week's top rated and socially-discussed programs, or click below to download a full ratings recap.

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