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Put Cox Media's award-winning production team to work for your business. Our on-staff production professionals are with you every step of the way - from concept to airing - to ensure maximum message impact. We work to understand your campaign goals and build thoughtful, creative messages that will grab the attention of the television audience.

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Cox Media's talented producers deliver high-level concepts, skilled writing, shooting, editing and talent. All performed using our sophisticated, state-of-the-art studios to tell your story in a compelling way. The final deliverable is an ad you can be proud of, in a format that works on today's most advanced television platforms.

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Creating a commercial is no longer a stumbling block to capturing the attention of the TV audience. Full-scale message development is available to our advertisers at any level of production investment. From basic production to on-site shoots, your message comes to life with our creative professionals. Cox Media is your partner for the production that fits your business. 

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If you are cutting corners on the creative content of your advertising in an effort to save money, you could be selling your business short — and ultimately missing out on market share and sales.  Read our free eBook to discover more about how quality creative can help you get better results from your advertising buy.

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